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VIDEO: You Can Play

Gay athletes and straight allies team up for respect as part of the You Can Play Project.

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VIDEO: Man Makes $50,000 Shot, Insurance Company Refuses to Pay

Are all insurance companies just a bunch of crooks? A contestant at an Indiana Ice game made a $50,000 shot for charity from the far red line, but was later denied the money from the […]

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Chicago Gay Hockey Pub Crawl for HBHC, Plus Sexy Photo and Mimi Imfurst

The Chicago Gay Mens Hockey Association is stepping up to help Howard Brown Health Center raise needed funds to keep their doors open by having a pub crawl. Join these hot guys and their athletic […]

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The Stanley Cup and the Cubs Have Pride, Not Prejudice

If you haven’t heard yet, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this year.  A feat they haven’t achieved in quite awhile. As would be expected, Chicago went hockey crazy for a hot minute. Growing […]

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Blackhawks Caught Flaunting Their Homophobia

Congrats to the Blackhawks for your crass and classless display of homophobia in your locker room the night of your Stanley Cup win.

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Chicago Blackhawks Win Super Bowl World Series Gold Medal for Volleyball!

Not many people know this, but I don’t follow sports. Shocking I know. Apparently last night, judging by the car horns, fireworks, and gunshots, something spectacular happened. Being that I live in close vicinity to […]

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Brave Gay Athlete Dies in Car Crash

You may not know who Brandon Burke was, but you probably should. The 21-year-old Brandon, who was the student manager for his college hockey team,  was featured on last November when his coming out […]

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