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Glitter Day: It Begins!

Glitter Day has begun in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia! To observe it, I’m holding a get-together tomorrow with friends, and I also put together a Treasury with items from Etsy’s Queer Team, […]

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VIDEO: Christians Ruin Halloween by Giving Out Bibles

“Jesus-ween”, SERIOUSLY??!!  These jerks are so pissed that Halloween is the most creative holiday left….the only American non Jesus one that’s still associated with its original intent.   It’s really the only one that rebels […]

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IMAGE: Lupercalia, February 15

If roses and chocolate aren’t your speed, how about half-naked men running around a city flailing people with bloody strips of goat skin?  Ancient Rome really knew how to party.  From here.

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VIDEO: Glitter Day Wishes

There are lots of holidays during the winter months but none of them are really gay, so we conceived of Glitter Day. It’s an easy no pressure-holiday that celebrates the fabulousness that is you. How […]

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IMAGES: Glitter Day

In honor of Glitter Day, I’ve collected some ultra tacky glitter graphics. Now that myspace is dead, they seem so retro.

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Happy National Velociraptor Awareness Day!

National Velociraptor Awareness Day may not be a federal or religious holiday, and Hallmark refuses to give it “Hallmark Holiday” status.  But one thing is sure.  Velociraptors are awesome, and we should be aware of […]

FOF #1141 – Surviving Valentine’s Day

For some, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday. For others, it’s a tell-tale heart of anxiety beating away under the floor boards of emotion.

Etiquette expert Steven Petrow answers all your questions on relationships for Valentine’s Day. Steven’s book “The Essential Book of Gay Manners and Etiquette” teaches you how to handle any sticky situation. Plus, Steven answers questions from the audience about love and romance.

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Cabaret Diva Melissa Young’s Christmas Spectacular

Hey Kids! My Hubby and I do this instead of sending holiday cards. We like to recreate holiday specials with our own madness twist! Enjoy lovelies and have the Most Madonna filled New Year! Meow! […]

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Fausto’s XXX-Mas Karaoke Medley

Fausto Fernós sings a medley of tacky pop songs, Christmas music and his own original “Don’t Care What I Get For Christmas.” If you live in Chicago, come see me sing the song live this […]

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