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FOF #2780 – The Puerto Rican Bombshell, Barbra Herr

Puerto Rican bombshell Barbra Herr joins us to talk her amazing career as a drag and cabaret performer, from fighting the AIDS crisis in Puerto Rico to working with the legends in New York City.

Barbra shares her amazing stories of being with Holly Woodlawn when she first heard Andy Warhol died, her friendship with Dominique Jackson from Pose, and what really happened to the man in the chest belonging to Paris is Burning’s Dorian Corey.

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FOF #2557 – The Rise of the Modern Drag Queen

Even though folks have been crossdressing for entertainment since the dawn of time, the rise of the modern drag queen can be traced back to a some relatively recent events and a few key artists.

Today, queer educator, doctor of drag Lady J Martinez O’Neal Davenport joins us to take a look at the rise of the modern drag queen, from Holly Woodlawn to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona to RuPaul who made her-story by being the first drag queen to get signed by a major record label.

FOF #2299 – Pleasant Gehman’s Lobotomy

Before there were podcasts, blogs and social networks, there were zines, small, self-published photocopied magazines that managed to give voice to people on the fringes of culture.

Today we’re talking to burlesque artist, photographer, and journalist Pleasant Gehman about her new art exhibit “Teenage Lobotomy” featuring her iconic fanzine of the 1970s punk and art scene in LA.

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FOF #2262 – The Hardest Working Drag Queen in Chicago

CeeCee LaRouge may be one of the hardest working drag queens in the Windy City because she’s part of so many drag families, with 8 pageant titles and dozens of drag daughters and cousins she makes a Mormon compound seem quaintly understaffed.

Today we celebrate Puerto Rican Christmas with CeeCee LaRouge, talking about how Puerto Ricans love to celebrate the holidays from Thanksgiving all the way until May.

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FOF #1755 – The Amazing Legend of Armen Ra

One of the more fascinating aspects on Sharon Needles’ debut album PG-13 is her collaboration with theremin player Armen Ra.

Listen as we talk with Armen Ra from his home in Hollywood about his incredible life, his deep friendship with Amanda Lepore, the death of the New York City nightclub scene in the mid 90s and his friendship with murderer Michael Alig, portrayed in the film Party Monster.

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FOF #101 – A Low Life in High Heels, part 2

Holly Woodlawn returns! You wanted more, you got it! Today we have part two of our fabulous conversation with THE Andy Warhol Superstar, the legendary Holly Woodlawn who talks about what kind of food she […]

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FOF #100 – A Low Life in High Heels, part 1

Today we celebrate our 100th show with a fabulous conversation with the film actress, cabaret signer, author and living legend Holly Woodlawn about her book “A Low Life in High Heels” that’s being made into […]

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