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ABC Has a Double Standard by Forgiving Chris Brown But Not Adam Lambert

Chris Brown went on a rampage in his dressing room on Good Morning America last week after Robin Roberts asked him some questions about his domestic violence incident with Rihanna two years ago. He tore […]

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Slushie Facials in Toronto’s Gay Village

A group of homophobic teens are terrorizing residents of the Gay Village in Toronto with “Slushy Facials” popularized by the the TV show Glee. You’d think as Canadians, they’d be use to the cold wet […]

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Rudolf Brazda Tells About Pink Triangles

It gets better. This man had all reasons to despair and give up as he had very little to hope for his future. Lot of LGBT died. But he survived and has found love.

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VIDEO: CBS Evening News on Gay Bullying

During the past month, at least four gay teens around the country have been driven by bullying to take their lives. Here’s the CBS News report on the sad matter.

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Olympian Matthew Mitcham Apologizes for Friend’s Homophobic Remark

From his Facebook– “To those asking for my opinion (inc. media): I know a lot of ppl are upset by what Steph Rice said. I agree, it was offensive & very thoughtless, but being friends […]

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Have Pride? Say Why and Make a Difference!

This morning,’s “Chicago ♥’s Trivia” blog posted about 8 anti-gay activists who turned out to be gay. Needless to say, some homophobic comments started appearing.  So, to keep the post positive, Bloggers Cate Manning […]

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Blackhawks Caught Flaunting Their Homophobia

Congrats to the Blackhawks for your crass and classless display of homophobia in your locker room the night of your Stanley Cup win.

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And the Award for Best Fred Phelps Impression Goes To…

…CharMeck County, North Carolina Commissioner Bill James for his so-mind-numbingly-in-bad-taste-it-almost-can’t-be-true comment to a fellow Commissioner during a meeting where same-sex benefits were approved by the commission 6-3. James leaned over to Commissioner Vilma Leake (who’s […]

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