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FOF #2445 – The Biology of Homosexuality

You only have to look at ancient art and writings to know that among human beings, same-sex attraction has existed across time and cultures. But in our culture, studying homosexuality comes with a lot of baggage so it’s difficult making sense of why so many of us are gay.

oday, scientist Vince Gabrielle joins us to take a look at the sexy science of homosexuality

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VIDEO: All Out – Gay and Free Everywhere!

This organization will apparently start campaigning next year.  It was just formed to advocate for the decriminalization of homosexuality in every country around the world.  This is great. (*I’m so ashamed that Americans are exporting […]

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The mainstream media, yet again, treats wild anti-science as valid “opinion.”

This post is initially about Ken Buck, the GOP’s Senate Candidate in Colorado who has made a clear choice to become a Professional “Dumbass;” however, this post is really about the laziness and stupidity in […]

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