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FOF #2156 – Keeping Up with Bruce Jenner

After years of speculation, Olympic champion Bruce Jenner tells ABC News “I am a woman.” Not many are surprised by the news but they are shocked that Bruce identifies as a Republican.

Today, Parker Marie Molloy who writes about trends and culture for Upworthy joins us to talk about Bruce, RuPaul’s new “you got mail” message and Michfest shutting down.

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FOF #2072 – Jeza Belle’s Cocktails for Drunk Drag Queens

Today we kiki back the cocktails with Jeza Belle, a fabulous drag queen from New York City who loves to drink. She got all her drag queen gal pals together to put out the book, The Harlot’s Guide to Messy & Classy Cocktails, which features cocktail recipes and messy memories from some of the world’s most famous drag queens.

Listen as we tell each other tales of drunken debauchery, and discuss cocktails recipes like the Pink Panty Dropper, The Tuck, and the Mai Cock is Tai Back.

FOF #1863 – Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Entertainers that are just starting out are faced with a tricky situation- most of them don’t want to get painted into a corner with regards to things like their sexuality, gender or race, but at the same time, those unique qualities can really draw in an audience.

Joining us today is Natalie Jose who recently starred in Oprah’s Network reality TV series “My Life is a Joke” which followed five Chicago female comedians struggling with their careers on making people laugh.

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FOF #1721 – All Aboard the Lady Gaga Bait Bus

Lady Gaga kicked off her new tour by christening the Born Brave Bus, a colorful bus where fans at her concerts can seek professional mental health services.

Today we take a look at the idea of pop stars providing medical services to their fans. If this trend continues, will we see weight loss clinics for fans of Adele or plastic surgery clinics for fans of Cher?

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FOF #1706 – 200 Cheeseburgers

Jennifer Mills had a dream. She had an awesome dream. She dreamed she painted two hundred picutres of cheeseburgers. The next day, she woke up to re-create her kooky dream.

Today performance artist and comedian Jennifer Mills joins us to talk about her delicious art and why bringing in a sense of humor into anything can work wonders to free up your creativity.

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FOF #1689 – Get Out the Vote

If dick will make you slap somebody, then pussy will make you bite their head off.

Republican’s have foolishly taken on women’s health and reproductive rights, and it’s going to kick them in the ass. The very funny Meredtih Kachel joins us to see what’s right around the corner on election night.

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FOF #1679 – The Secret of My Success

Movies and reality TV shows trick us into thinking that if we work hard enough, our dreams will come true. We can do anything if we just have the perfect training montage to push that boulder up the hill.

Our friend Brian Sweeney just lost his lucrative job working the layaway counter at a retail discount store, but that’s not going to stop him from getting what he wants out of life.

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