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FOF #2699 – All Hail the Gay Rodeo Queen and King

Life doesn’t always go in a straight line, sometimes it goes loop de loop, like a rodeo cowboy’s lasso until it catches onto something good.

Today Ms International Gay Rodeo Association 2019 Alina Whorez Cole joins us with her fellow title holder MsTer IGRA 2019 Jorge Sanchez to talk about her their close friendship and the challenges navigating their new responsibility of being this year’s gay rodeo king and queen.

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Horse with Bra on Face

Isn’t this adorable? Apparently they needed to block the horse’s vision so they used what they had- a bra. via

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VIDEO: Man Falls Off at Horse at Royal Wedding

Watch for the poor horseman in full regalia fall off his horse which keeps on going without him at the 0:12 mark. He gets up and stands to the side as the Prince William and […]

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