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FOF #2847 – Uncle Jack’s Gay Glory Days

For most folks it’s been a little over a week of self isolation to ward off the coronavirus pandemic. Marooned in our own places like the Swiss Family Robinson, we have to make the best of what we got, and it sometimes feels like things may never get back to that dirty word “normal.”

Today queer media pioneer Jack Ryan joins us to chat about his adventures in Chicago’s club scene in the 70s and 80s before the AIDS crisis hit hard.

Listen as Jack talks about the wild nights of drugs and disco that transformed over the years into more nights of even drugs and House music.

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FOF #1852 – Screamin’ Rachel Returns

For years, the outrageous Screamin’ Rachel Cain has been starring in what she calls her own “B-Movie.” Rachel started out as one of New York City’s better known nightlife personalities to becoming a House music mogul with her label Trax Records.

Currently Rachel is developing a film about her wild life. Today Screamin’ Rachel Cain, along with her entourage of gay men and Brian Sweeney join us to talk about her life as the Joan of Arc of House music.

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FOF #1769 – Screamin’ Rachael, Queen of House

Since the origins of house music in Chicago in the early 80s, Screaming Rachael Cain has been its most vocal champion. And throughout the 90s, Rachael was a big part of the famed Club Kid scene in New York City, where many gay icons got their start.

Today Screamin’ Rachael joins us along with her protogé Jorge Cruz to take a look at the legacy of house music and her remarkable life.

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FOF #1242 – You Can’t Stop the Music

Out of the ashes of Disco’s demise, DJs in Chicago developed a new sound for a new generation which became known as House Music. This style became a hit in clubs catering to black, latino and gay folks, and is now what most electronic music is based on.

Today we’re talking to one of the pioneering DJs of House Music, Ralphi Rosario. Recently, the City of Chicago named a street after his DJ group “The Hot Mix Five” for their contribution to the international House Music scene.

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