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FOF #2043 – 32 Ounces

32 ounces! 32 ounces! If you don’t have 32 ounces of premium silicone lube, you’re practically dry and celibate.

We get a lot of crazy stuff in the mail, most of it is care packages, promotional items, gift certificates and perverse comic books, but this one really wets our whistle.

Imagine our surprise when we opened up the mail and got deluged in lube. Honey these bottles are big.

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LISTEN: Lady Gaga Sings Edge Of Glory Unplugged on The Howard Stern Show

A beautiful song and a beautiful voice. Listen to Gaga on Howard Stern sing “The Edge of Glory” unplugged, just her voice and the piano. Sometimes its nice to hear the musician play their song […]

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Is Howard Stern Calling Jamie Foxx Gay?

This guy thinks so.

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Howard Stern Remixes Sarah Palin’s Audiobook With Hilarious Results

You have to listen to the over the top sexual remix of Sarah Palin’s audiobook by the folks at the Howard Stern Show, it’s hilarious. So wonderful to hear Sarah Palin cussing like a sailor, […]

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