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FOF #2890 – Chelsea Myers is Breaking Free from Hypnosis

When people think of hypnotism, they often conjure up the idea of a malevolent force like Dracula trying to get them to do their bidding.

But in reality people turn to hypnotism to live better lives, from quitting smoking to forced feminization: the art of transforming yourself into a beautiful creation of your dominatrix’s imagination. It seems like hypnosis could unlock the limitless potential of the mind, but is it possible to go too far?

Today comedian Chelsea Myers joins us to look at all the wild things people turn to hypnotism for help. Besides being a fabulous queer comedian in Chicago, as a teenager Chelsea was hypnotized at a party and wasnt able to break the spell.

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FOF #2353 – Unlock the Power of Hypnosis

Listen. Listen very carefully to the sound of my voice. You’re coming under my command right now, so take your clothes off, touch yourself wherever it feels good and let the good times roll.

Joining us is professional hypnotist Serena Stone, who helps people become more productive and live the lives they truly want to live.

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VIDEO: Forced Feminization Hypnosis

Listen to the Mistress use deep hypnosis to bring out your inner woman. Careful when watching this, I wouldn’t want you to fall under her spell, unless you really want to. You really want to […]

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