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FOF #2746 – In the Kitchen with Erika Klash

On Cooking with Drag Queens, the fresh and fruity Erika Klash dressed up as a strawberry to pay tribute to Strawberry Shortcut, the short film by Tom Rubnitz starring Lady Bunny who experiences severe dessert distress.

Today Erika Klash, the outlandish drag queen who looks like she jumped out of a Japanese anime film, joins us to chat about the latest episode of Cooking with Drag Queens.

Ice Cream Cone Makes Rick Santorum Lose Control

His values may say no, but his mouth sure says yes. Of all the ice cream flavors he could have picked, he went with chocolate. Can’t believe it took someone this long to animate this […]

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Amphibious Ice Cream Truck

The Amphibious Ice Cream Truck ‘HMS Flake 99’ is sailing the Thames river to highlight National Ice Cream week.

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The Answer to All Life’s Troubles: Protein Shake Ice Cream

Waikato University student and aspiring rugby player Sean Nixon may prove to be the saviour of mankind if he succeeds in his dream of creating a dessert that blends the goodness of a protein shake […]

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Gaga Threatens Her First Lawsuit.

Our little Gaga is growing up so fast.  Apparently those fools selling breast milk ice cream in London are calling the ice cream “Baby Gaga,” and the waitresses selling it are dressed up as Lady […]

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Baby Gaga Ice Cream Gets Confiscated

I saw reports of the Baby Gaga ice-cream made out of breast milk circulating but I didn’t blog about it because, while I’m an advocate of breast feeding, this just looked liked a publicity stunt […]

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VIDEO: I Could Sure Use Some Ice Cream!

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting kinda hot up in here…

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FOF #1181 – Woeful Tales of a Chocolate Whale

“Is chocolate the meaning of life?” thought the fudge whale as he swam deeper into the chocolaty sea. Little did Fudgie know, that this would be his last journey into the rich, dark brown abyss.

Puppeteer and performance artist Marsian De Lellis joins us to talk about about “Fudgie’s Death” an excerpt from “Growing Up Linda,” a puppet play based on his fictitious take on the Carvel Ice Cream family.

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FOFA #962 – A Hard Woman is Good to Find

Today we celebrate 11 years of fabulous shows, once as Feast of Fools, today as Feast of Fun. We’ve managed to dig up a very special guest from way back when, the tragically glamorous Victoria […]

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I think it’s kind of funny telling people to meet me at Taco Cabana on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Austin, Texas, Oct. 3, at 8pm, but why not? Hope to see you there […]

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