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FOF #2582 – Secret Podcast: How We Became the Feast of Fun

Here’s a story, of a lovely drag queen, who was doing drag shows all on her own. Til then one day she met a lovely fellow… that’s the way we all became the Feast of Fun.

Today on the Secret Podcast: How we turned a live drag show in Chicago into one of the world’s first and top podcasts. Plus, for the third time in twelve years, China cracks down on the practice of hiring strippers as funeral entertainment to attract larger crowds.

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FOF #1750 – Matteo Lane Hates the Way He Looks

It’s hard to believe, but even some of the most attractive people hate having their picture taken. And in this digital age, everyone is taking photos of everybody all the time, making us feel like cover girls with pimples on our faces.

Today the hilarious Matteo Lane joins us to talk about looking marvelous and taking photos that don’t suck.

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FOF #1524 – We Will Always Love You Whitney Houston

Sad and shocking. Whitney Houston, in town for the Grammys, was found dead Saturday in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was 48 years old.

Today we take a look at the bittersweet memories and give good love to one of pop music’s greatest singers, everywoman Whitney Houston.

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Man Bequeaths Penis to Museum

Crackednamed The Icelandic Phallological Museum as one of the most horrifying museums in the world. The museum showcases penises of all mammals in and around Iceland, and it is soon to get a new addition- […]

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VIDEO: Right Up Close on Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

A reporter gets up close and personal with the Icelandic volcano. They captures footage of the lightning created by the kinetic energy of the volcano and the molten rocks and ash spewing from the beast.

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