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FOF #2142 – #undateable

Not everyone is a master when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Comedian Joseph William Reese finds it very awkward to date and actually prefers eating dinner alone over the garbage can rather than having dinner with someone else.

Today we’re trying to change all that. Joseph joins us to talk about his floundering love life, being Trannika Rex’s drag daughter who is now in foster care and how Pearl from RuPaul’s Drag Race came out of her oyster shell fully developed.

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FOF #2140 – Stupid Sexy Aaron Schock

As the end of Downton Abbey approaches, it’s appropriate that we’re also seeing the end of the political career of one of its biggest fans, Aaron Schock.

Once a rising star in the Republican Party, the former Men’s Health model was under investigation for his spending habits, facing serious charges that would land him in prison.

Instead he smartly chose to resign, and find more interesting places from which to Instagram.

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VIDEO: Man Makes $50,000 Shot, Insurance Company Refuses to Pay

Are all insurance companies just a bunch of crooks? A contestant at an Indiana Ice game made a $50,000 shot for charity from the far red line, but was later denied the money from the […]

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Harry Baals Center – Too Funny of a Name for an Indiana Building

Poor Harry Baals won’t get a building named after him even though he was Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana for four terms. City leaders are worried what outsiders might think if they come across a […]

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High Ranking Indiana Republican Arrested for Pulling a Larry Craig

Andrew J. Miller is accused of soliciting an undercover officer for sex in a public toilet while exposing himself and asking the officer if he wanted to “touch it.” So very Republican! No wonder they […]

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Anti-Gay Indiana Congressman Resigns after Affair

ndiana Rep. Mark Souder, a fierce opponent on LGBT issues including same-sex marriage, resigned his congressional seat on Tuesday after confessing to an extramarital affair with a 45-year-old female staffer.

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FOF #1149 – The Power of the Group Blog

Group blogs can be a vital tool for making political activism more effective, so how do you use them to get your message out?

Today we continue our series of interviews with top GLBT bloggers with the Bilerico Project’s Editor in Chief, Bil Browning. Bill works with hundreds of writers to bring about change by pressuring companies and politicians to stop their hateful practices.

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