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Gynandromorphic Butterfly Hatched at London Museum

Ignoring the cheek of the article title: a rare half-male half-female butterfly has hatched at a natural history museum in London, England.  Its sexually dimorphic traits are split down the centerline of its body, much […]

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The Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia

On May 28 a sprinkling of international activists and I joined with members of GayRussia to participate in the Moscow Pride demonstration which had been banned by the government.  The demonstrators were physically attacked by […]

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Ready, Set, Tranny ! I.O.C. Makes Ruling On ”Sex Ambiguity” at Olympics

Just in time for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, the International Olympic Committee has taken on the issue of intersexed athletes.  Their determination?  That each case should be viewed individually and as a medical […]

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