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Will It Blend, iPad Edition

We were just talking about this on today’s show…and here’s the answer.

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FOF #1167 – Egg Hunt for Red October

While kids were busy searching for eggs and candy this Easter weekend, Apple fans eagerly awaited the iPad, the new tablet computer features a larger screen and faster processor than the iPhone, and like the iPhone it doesn’t do phone calls.

Join us as we ponder the future of the almighty iPad with blogger Michael Lehet and discuss the hot news: the Pope’s priest’s outrageous statements, Lourdes and Madonna’s fashion line, the UK’s great rhubarb shortage, Dr. Who hunk stopped at airport and otters in love.

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People are lining up for the iPad

Or are they? I stopped by the Apple Store here on the Magnficient Mile today to see how many people were in line for tomorrow’s release of the iPad. Needless to say, I was extremely […]

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WePad – Better Than Ipad?

A couple of weeks ago, the German tech company, Neofonie, launched its version of the tablet: the WePad. This tablet, a device that looks and sounds just like the Apple iPad will be probably the […]

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What will you use the iPad for?

The iPad is getting ready to hit the shelves on April 3rd…amazingly the day before Easter. It will give people an excuse to not interact with their family during the holiday and say “Not now, […]

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Hitler Responds to the IPad

“Hitler has been dreaming about the day that Apple’s tablet will be announced. That day has come and he is not pleased.”

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FOF #1133 – Max iPad

Yesterday Apple announced their highly anticipated tablet computer and they named it the iPad. The unfortunate name has gotten lots of laughs because it sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

Comedian Chris Condren joins us to sort through the iPad jokes plus: Leonardo Da Vinci’s head will be dug up for a forensic analysis to see if he’s the real Mona Lisa, European cemetery for soccer fans, Johnny Weirs battle over wearing faux fur and “Poltergesit” actress Zelda Rubenstein dies at 76.

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Mad TV’s iPad Sketch from 2007

This is all I could think of when I heard that Apple was actually going to name their new tablet computer the iPad. — From Dlisted

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Say Hello to the iPad

Featured highlights of Apple’s new tablet computer, the iPad. What are your thoughts? I can totally see this as a big deal for “adult entertainment.” Is the screen smudge-proof?

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