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FOF #1373 – The Death of the 50 Foot Woman

If you thought Osama Bin Laden and Donald Trump had a bad week, try being the 50 foot woman- Yvette Vickers, 60s sex symbol, Playmate and star of the camp horror film classic ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ was found mummified in her Beverly Hills Mansion several months after her death.

Join us as we talk about Yvette Vickers and all the hot news.

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VIDEO: Google Chrome – “It Gets Better”

I think it’s fantastic that Google Chrome’s “It Gets Better” video was the first ad featured during last night’s episode of Glee. It was a real “screw you” to the ultra conservative hate group, the […]

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FOF #1366 – Awkwardly Hip

NOH8, It Gets Better, Lady Gaga, and even YouTube’s Honey Badger- all started out as small projects that grew into viral phenomena when LGBT folks jumped on the bandwagon. What happens when our favorite outsider things become the monster ballads of popular culture?

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VIDEO: Apple Employees “It Gets Better”

Apple employees share their personal messages for the It Gets Better Project. I like it when the videos have a high production value.

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VIDEO: Pink Shirt Day 2011 – April 14

On Thursday April 14th, New Zealanders are being encouraged to wear pink to show they are against bullying in all forms. Inspired by a boy who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school, […]

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VIDEO: RuPaul on Rotten Celebrities

RuPaul talks about egos, rotten celebrities, the state of drag and her favorite “It Gets Better” video by Amanda Lepore.

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VIDEO: Rebecca Drysdale’s “It Gets Better” Music Video

I know, you’re probably cringing right now, but Rebecca Drysdale really does do a great job in this fun “It Gets Better” music video. The song is available on iTunes.

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The New Pornographers Sing Out Against Queer Suicide!

Canadian indie supergroup The New Pornographers helped The New Gay launch its addition to the “It Gets Better” series by performing an acoustic version of their anti-suicide anthem “Adventures in Solitude.” Check it out!

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VIDEO: It Gets Better – Pixar!

Boy there sure are a lot of LGBT folks working at Pixar. Could we be seeing more gay characters in their movies? Watch this “message of hope” from all the misfit toys that work at […]

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VIDEO: It Gets Better- Supervillian Harley Quinn

Not only does supervillian Harley Quinn from the Batman comics tell you that it “It Gets Better,” she also gives you a mini-tour of Syndey’s gay district.

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