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FOF #1811 – Flip the Bird for Friendship

Today Ronnie Kroell and filmmaker Elliot London- join us in the home studio to talk about why they are asking supporters of The New F-Word to flip the bird for the camera to combat bullying. They even got fashion guru Tim Gunn to do it.

Join us for this and all the hot news– gay island prison in Fascist Italy, who does size matter to most and doctors develop a new penile enlargement treatment based on the same technique as vampire facials.

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VIDEO: Italian Pop-Opera Boy Band?

Gianluca Ginoble (16), Ignazio Boschetto (17) and Piero Barone (18): baby-faced, Italian, teenage pop-opera group: Il Volo. Jimmy Iovine, manager of the Black Eyed Peas, AC/DC and Lady Gaga, thinks Il Volo is going to […]

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VIDEO: The World’s Youngest Zeppelin Fan

This kid is a true music aficionado: pop music = panicked screams of “No No!” and Led Zeppelin = head bobbing.  This kid is cool.

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VIDEO: Hard Ton – a Gay Italian Band

An outrageous duo from Italy perform their song “Earthquake.”

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The Museum of the Dead

In Palermo Italy if you’re not careful you may end up taking some stairs in Capuchin Square that will lead you directly to the Museum of the Dead. Has anyone been to Palermo to visit? […]

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Celebrity Nut Grab- UPDATED

We don’t speak Italian, but it’s easy to figure out what this Italian TV personality is up to as she gets a fistful of soccer star David Beckam’s family jewels! UPDATE- Andy Dick was arrested […]

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Italo Pop Star Heather Parisi, “Disco Bambina”

Excessive! Dig those high kicks and the androgynous partner who joins her midway. More is more: Get a load of limber Heather’s credit-sequence razzle-dazzler from “Fantastico 81.”

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