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VIDEO: Sneak Peek: ”Gimme All Your Blood!” Jackie Beat

A preview of Jackie Beat’s new Madonna parody, directed by Austin Young with special guest star Joe Fitrzyk as “The Goat.

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FOF #1502 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, Vol. 4

Our annual holiday series: “Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, vol. 4″ continues with a collection of rare, twisted holiday songs that will punch up your eggnog and set your yule log on fire. Christian Dummies, 8-Bit Christmas music, demented parodies and songs about booze.

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Drag Queens Weigh in on Amy Winehouse’s Sudden Death

It’s always intersting to hear what some of the more well known drag queens have to say when big, sad, heartbreaking news comes out, like the sudden death of Amy Winehouse at the age of […]

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”Callin It Out” Selene Luna

“Callin It Out” is the first ever dance single from actress/writer/burlesque artist/comic/model/ Selene Luna. Based on a series of inside jokes, the song was written and composed by gorgeous trans pin up girl and entertainer […]

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Swallow My Pride

Jackie Beat, the Rosa Parks of Gays, asked her friends Deven Green, Coco Peru, Roseanne Barr, Susan Olsen and more to share “Words of Wisdom” on Gay Pride. Click the link above and know that you […]

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Don’t Drag Me Into This!

During lunch at Fred Segal, a brilliant makeup artist named Rommy asked: “Who’s your favorite ‘Queen’ on RuPaul’s Drag Race?” When I said Shangela, he slapped my face, spit in my face, punched me in […]

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VIDEO: Best Finale Since ”The Moldavian Massacre” on Dynasty!

Who lives and who dies? Selene Luna? Jackie Beat? Nadya Ginsburg? It’s the FINALE of Selene’s “Hollywood Confidential”! Grab a bowl (or 3) of Top Ramen and enjoy the show!!!

PHOTO: Jackie Beat Out of Drag

He/she looks pretty good doesn’t he?

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FOF #1300 – The Power of Being a Bitch

Comedian drag queen Jackie Beat, best known for her outrageous songs, has in recent years, received a lot of attention for her online videos which parody reality television, celebrities and the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.

Listen as we chat with Jackie about the power of being a bitch, her gastric bypass surgery and how come all the no talent drag queens get all the bookings.

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Roseanne Barr Interviews Cher and Chaz

One of my favorite web series is the “Cher and Chaz show” a comedy collaboration between Jackie Beat, Nadya Ginsburg, Selene Luna and the fabulous Roseanne Barr. As usual, they’re all brilliant. You might remember […]

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