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James Franco: Pussy Magnet

James Franco is loving his new Twitter account!

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VIDEO: A GREASE Homage From Franco and Hathaway

James Franco tweeted a sneak peek at this weekends OSCARS!

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FOF #1333 – Bruce Vilanch Takes Us Inside the Oscars

For over two decades comedian Bruce Vilanch has written some of the best received Academy Awards shows. Although the writing process starts months in advance he really shines when he’s in the hot seat, coming up with funny things for the hosts.

Listen as Bruce takes us inside the Oscars, his best and worst Oscar memories, and how he still might be able to get James Franco to dress up in drag!

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James Franco Sings Cher Song Too Hot for the Oscars

We’re all looking forward to James Franco hosting the Oscars, and sadly because the Academy dissed Cher’s new film Burlesque, we won’t get to see James Franco do anything, including dressing up as Cher in […]

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I am the Real James Franco

Is that really the real real James Franco on twitter? Here’s my video response to James Franco’s sinister sounding video announcing his “real” Twitter, Facebook, page and so on. All those other ones are impostors.

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The Real James Franco Joins Twitter

James Franco has joined Twitter and he wants you to know he’s for real.

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James Franco Won’t Get to Dress Like Cher for the Oscars

It seems Bruce Vilanch has been working on writing for the Oscars, and had made plans to dress up James Franco as Cher, complete in her over the top Bob Mackie “black widow’ outfit. Don’t […]

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FOF #1268 – National Coming Out Day

Come out, come out, wherever you are! Today is National Coming Out Day, where everyone is encouraged to, as Macy Gray likes to put it, “express what is taboo in you, and share yo’ freak with the rest of us, ’cause it’s a beautiful thang.”

Join us for National Coming Out Day and all the hot news!

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VIDEO: James Franco Reads “Howl”

From the new movie, here’s James Franco as Alan Ginsberg reading the famous poem “Howl.”

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FOF #889 – Milk and Meat

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but we’re stuck with a fridge full of delicious food, the only problem is it’s all TURKEY. What do you do with leftovers when the holidays have come and gone? […]

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