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FOF #1803 – Gay Bears Stir Up the Honey Pot

When it comes to being a sex symbol, the concept of a gay bear or even gay bros is pretty new. We’re not talking about grizzlies hunting for honey in the woods, are we?

Today Jamie Williamson, Activity Director for the Great Lakes Bears joins us to take a look at gay bears and gay bros- men’s groups that have popped up in the last couple of decades in response to mainstream gay culture and sex.

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FOF #1150 – The Bear King

Hear ye, hear ye, Jamie Williamson, King of the Chicago Movie Bears is moving and the club is seeking a new leader for their monthly fun-filled movie and calorie rich-food event.

Join us as we chat about all the sexy Winter Olympic athletes and how flamboyant ice skater Johnny Weir wants to be out of the closet as being himself. A solider comes out as gay after his death, and Zhora the boozy chimp sent to rehab.

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FOF #1000 – Grand Slam Buffet

Feast of Fun hosts Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion take a look back at 1000 shows in podcasting.

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FOF #932 – Party Time

What a weekend! Friday the 13th preceded Valentines day this year. For some people, it’s two unlucky days in a row. Why does the universe have to be so cruel? Blogger Michael Lehet, bear movie […]

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FOF #921 – Thank Zeus for Xanadu!

Ding dong, the cuckoo clock has run out for Governor Blagojevich. Yesterday the Illinois senate unanimously voted to impeach the unpopular Governor on corruption charges, in their best Donald Trump impersonation- you’re fired. Meanwhile HBO […]

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FOF #894 – Santa Bear

Santa Claus is the ultimate bear as a jolly plump fella, full of hair, flavor and gifts who is here to bring a sense of fertility and prosperity to the holiday season. On today’s show […]

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