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FOF #2740 – The Accidental Dominatrix

In the golden age of Chicago’s cabaret scene, Jen Porter was legendary for her passionate music. Many folks compared her soulful raspy voice to Janis Joplin.

Today musician Jen Porter joins us with songs from her new album What’s Next and talk about her foray into BDSM and her horrible accident that caused blindness in her right eye.

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FOFA #641 – Powerhouse Diva

There is a presence is in the room today! The spirit of Janis Joplin is haunting us in a very good way since we’ve been joined by her modern day equivalent- the rockingly awesome Jen Porter.

Listen as we talk with Jen about the music industry and why she prefers to be an independent artist, how she comes up with her original songs and being a third generation Girl Scout.

FOF #1108 – Jen Porter is Grateful for What She’s Got

While camping in Minnesota, musician Jen Porter got trapped inside her tent at night while a terrible tornado raged on. The next morning Jen awoke not in the land of Oz, but next to an enormous tree trunk that crashed next to her tent, only a foot away from her head. Listen as Jen plays songs from her new album “Closer to the Surface” and sings her musical version of the viral “Brad Pitt” poem that’s become an online hit.

In the news: Bruce Springstein wants gay marriage, Chinese health scares, Edward Scissorhands and Fausto’s quest to be a mall Santa.

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FOF #875 – Jen Porter Plays For You

What a voice, what a fabulous gal! On today’s show we Jen Porter, Chicago’s soulful diva rocking the house, singing songs of celebration, acceptance and healing. Although we have much to celebrate, California, Arkansas, Florida […]

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