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FOF #800 – We Are All Hussein

Happy 800 shows everyone! Love to watch that odometer of podcasting turn. Today we’re thrilled to have our good friend, writer and health advocate Jim Pickett joining us to dispel some rumors, conspiracies and misconception […]

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Jim Pickett’s Reaction to Two Girls, One Cup

I know we’re a little late to the party, but here is Jim Picket’s reaction video to the infamous “Two Girls, One Cup” video which has in many ways made us look at the freakish […]

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FOF #773 – Beyond Two Girls One Cup

The internet is changing us in significant new ways. This past year at IML, the International Mr. Leather Expo in Chicago, there was an air of openness and comfort that I have never seen before. […]

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FOF #752 – Good Sex, Bad Sex

Sex is like lot like pizza- no matter how bad it is it’s still pretty good. But the thing with sex is that everyone thinks they are the greatest lover, but sex is also like […]

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FOF #742 – Live from Steamworks

It’s the show you’ve all been waiting for, our LIVE podcast from Steamworks! Of all places indeed. We packed up the microphones and recording equipment and took our booties down to the “Sexiest Place on […]

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FOF #739 – Cougars Just Wanna Have Fun

Growl! Cougars are on the prowl. On today’s show our pal Jim Pickett introduces us to a new term: COUGAR. Think of it as M.I.L.F. (Mother I’d Like to F*ck) but a little older and […]

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FOF #701 – Gay Sexy Fun

Advances in gay rights have brought forth a glorious new world of opportunities and healthy relationships for people everywhere. But with advances in acceptance and in medicine come new risks and responsibilities. Many sexually transmitted […]

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