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SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Bride of the Material Girl?

Is Madonna finally embracing her inner Wildenstein? If you’re like me and have a Google Alert on the Bride of Wildenstein, then your inbox is flooded with daily comparisons between the Material Girl’s (as of late) pumped up […]

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Katy Perry Wants to be the Next Jocelyn Wildenstein

I’m sure she’s just kidding, but Katy Perry just said she wants to be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein while looking like Madonna. Or is it the other way around? From the Mirror: “Well Madonna’s 50 […]

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FOF #1181 – Woeful Tales of a Chocolate Whale

“Is chocolate the meaning of life?” thought the fudge whale as he swam deeper into the chocolaty sea. Little did Fudgie know, that this would be his last journey into the rich, dark brown abyss.

Puppeteer and performance artist Marsian De Lellis joins us to talk about about “Fudgie’s Death” an excerpt from “Growing Up Linda,” a puppet play based on his fictitious take on the Carvel Ice Cream family.

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FOF #1128 – The Bride of Wildenstein’s Predictions for 2010

Rawr! Our friend Marisan DeLellis talks about his new one-person musical “The Bride of Wildenstein” on Jocelyn Wildenstein, the eccentric New York City socialite who surgically transformed herself into the bizarre looking Cat Lady.

Plus we all share our predictions for the coming year: which celebrities will die in 2010? Gagaholism, Peacocking, Weird Mashups, Life Swapping, DIY Healthcare and Susan Boiling.

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