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FOF #2947 – Lil’ Nas X Rides the Pole Down to Hell

A great entertainer says what we’re all feeling, and since it’s been a hell of a year, Lil’ Nas X hung up his adorable pink cowboy hat and traded it for a skin tight bondage getup to ride a stripper pole to hell.

With a Lil Nasty help from right wing outrage, the single has shot to #1 on the charts!

Today we’re cutting loose like Lil Nas X did with the devil and looking at all the wild stuff rolling around regarding his new controversial video Montero and those wickedly evil shoes.

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VIDEO: HBO’s “Mildred Pierce” Trailer

I’m excited to see the new version of Mildred Pierce starring Kate Winslet and Guy Pierce. We have the original movie with Joan Crawford on VHS tape.

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