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FOF #1166 – Feast of Fabulousness

After a year of using the name Feast of Fun, we’re switching it back to Feast of Fools! Actually we’re changing the name once every year. This year, we’re the Feast of Fabulousness. Today blogger Michael Lehet joins us to take a look at some of the great pranks in history.

In the news: the man who wanted an “IM GAY” license plate in Oklahoma was found dead, LL Cool J calls out Sarah Palin for faking an interview with him, a new study suggests bacon is a drug, and will Queen Joan go viral?

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Police and Prostitutes Involved as “IM GAY” License Plate Man Found Dead

Keith Kimmel, the man who wanted an “IM GAY” license plate from the state of Oklahoma was found dead. His blog tells of a recent break up with a boyfriend who worked as a stripper […]

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