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VIDEO: Golden Girls, Heklina, Baby Jane and Kevin Thomas All in One Video!

You may remember San Francisco hotel concierge Kevin Thomas from his appearances on the Feast of Fun in 2009.  I ran across this little interview he did with Feast Fun guest Heklina and the wonderful […]

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FOF #952 – How Green Was My Fountain

I see a fountain and I want it flowing green! America’s Favorite First Lady Michelle Obama brings a little Chicago love to the White House by dying the fountain green for St. Patrick’s Day, just […]

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Bear Cannot Live By Theater Alone

I usually write on budget ways to go to theater, but you also need to grab a bite before or after a show. Here’s some deals I uncovered on my last trip to New York […]

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Kevin’s Broadway Musical Reviews – Janurary 2009

Since more than a dozen shows have left the Great White Way this January, one would think Broadway’s in a lull, just waiting for the spring thaw when new shows come to town. Believe it […]

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FOF #908 – Kevin’s Oscar Picks

Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! We’re not talking about the Odd Couple, we’re talking about the Academy Awards. What’s a golden globe? What’s the national board of review? What does this all mean? Kevin Thomas, your gay […]

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Bear of a Man Sleeping

A hot new trend- cute things falling asleep is a website showing dogs, cats and babies trying to sleep is intriguing millions. Will our video of Kevin Thomas sleeping be a hit? For a high-quality […]

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FOF #907 – What’s Hot When It’s Cold

Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you should be staying in! On today’s show we’ve got Kevin Thomas, your gay concierge and friend to all bears (and their admirers) to talk about what’s hot […]

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Miss Saigon Keeps It Hot At Drury Lane

As the economy continues to worsen, it’s up to all of us to support our favorite businesses! I, for one, have invested my extra monies in attending the theater. Whether it be a Broadway show, […]

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Kevin’s Showtime on the Cheap

As Dolly Levi said, “Money is like manure. Not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.” With the economy the way it is, we all need to spread out the […]

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FOF #897 – Kevin’s Tips for the Thrifty Holidays

Just because the economy is in the bidet doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun. On today’s show we have America’s lovable gay concierge Kevin Thomas, sharing his ideas on how to save money […]

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