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Lego Ad Gender Bender

Need to laugh at gender norms? Try using the Lego ad gender bender.   1st: Go to the site:   2nd: Drag 1 of the clips you want to see the video for into […]

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VIDEO: This Little Girl Totally Gets It

This little girl at Toys R us is onto something when it comes to her critical analysis of of the marketing and branding of gender through childrens’ toys.  Just wish more adults were as smart […]

VIDEO: Muppets Challenge Kids About Santa Claus

If Santa Claus has to deliver all those presents to boys and girls on Christmas eve, how does he get in? Watch this wonderful collection of vintage clips from Sesame Street as Grover and Kermit […]

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VIDEO: Kid Discovers Gay Couple While Loitering in the Toilet

It’s cute and just a little weird.

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VIDEO: Scary Kid Freaks People Out

The power of children.

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VIDEO: Auto-tuned “I Won’t Get Married Till I Get a Job” Girl

The little feminist who repeats over and over again that she won’t get married until she gets a job first just got auto-tuned.

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VIDEO: Japanese Pre-Schoolers Fend Off Zombie Attack

Check out these courageous Japanese pre-schoolers, I don’t know if I’d be able to stand up to a Zombie like they do! Be sure that Captions are turned on – they’re hilarious!

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VIDEO: Kids Re-Enact ”Bon Qui Qui” From MadTV

Kids put on pageants and shows all the time, and they’re cute, but not usually worthy of much adulation except from their parents.  These kids, however, could be future SNL cast members.  Especially the boy– […]

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VIDEO: Kids Reenact TMZ

These kids really got to the heart of the show- which is the over-sized drinking vessel.

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Jersey Shore With Kids

Got this from Ze Frank on Facebook who is now a victim of the Jersey Shore pandemic.

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