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FOF #2798 – Bruce Vilanch on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

One of the strangest shows ever broadcast on TV is the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. The musical variety show featuring a campy highway pile-up of the top stars of the day with Margaret Hamilton reprising her Wicked Witch from the Izard of Oz aired only once on ABC in 1976.

Today comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, best known for writing for the Oscars and for his appearance on Hollywood Squares joins us to talk about being a head writer for the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

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FOF #1867 – Lick it Up

Nobody’s gotten more tongues wagging recently about tongue wagging like Miley Cyrus, who just said that she totally meant for her VMA performance to be awkward, and because she’s sick of people giving her hell, vows to never stick her tongue out again. Promises, promises.

Today we’re licking it up with musician Stephen Leonard – pop culture moments when stars stood out for sticking out their tongues.

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FOF #1526 – The Purpose of Sexual Diversity

Let’s face it, people have been getting their groove on in many colorful ways since the dawn of time, and even animals do a lot of what we’re doing in the bedroom out in the open.

Today we take a look at the evolutionary advantages of kissing, moaning, boobs, blow jobs, same-sex and anal sex have in keeping people and their communities healthy.

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Bieliebers Isn’t the Only Name Justin’s Fans Go By

I think “Bielowers”  is what this misguided girl goes by.  WTF?!

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VIDEO: Betty White Makes Out With Koko the Gorilla

This video should be heartwarming and nice, but it’s in slow motion.  So, that slo-mo makes the kissing sequence look a lot more sensual than it should.  So, it’s a belly laugh kinda video, not […]

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VIDEO: Modern Family- The Gay Kiss

Here’s the much anticipated gay kiss on the popular TV show Modern Family.

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VIDEO: Adam Lambert’s “Fever”

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip Here’s Adam Lambert’s singing “Fever” at NYC’s Nokia Theater. He won’t stop kissing boys!

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Bollywood Kiss

The movie Dunno Y … Na Jaane Kyun was made after India legalized homosexuality. Gay activists say that they are braced for a backlash from religious and political conservatives, but the film’s director, Anil Sharma, […]

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Shows “Go Gay” for Ratings

TV shows are known for ratings stunts during sweeps. Characters get married, have babies, die or visit alternate universes in order to stop an army of organic/mechanical hybrids that eat thermometers to stay alive–which seems […]

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