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FOF #1854 – Everybody Goes to Hollywood

Recently Kristen Studard, one of Chicago’s most celebrated comedians packed up her bags one snowy winter day and relocated to sunny L.A.. And guess what? She loves it!

Today we take a look at some of the myths surrounding the larger than life entertainment mecca that is Hollywood. Is everyone on drugs there? How bad is the traffic? Why are some of these entertainers so damn self-centered?

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FOF #1732 – Paid to be a Bitch

Talk about a perfect job. Comedian Kristen Studard just got done doing an improv murder mystery on a cruise ship where the audience almost always picked her to be the murder victim because her character was a bitch they wanted dead.

Listen as Kristen puts on some Southern charm when we get her to prank phone call the Boy Scouts of America who are taking a poll of whether they should admit gays into the tent.

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FOF #1618 – These Colors Don’t Run, They Skip

Comedian Kristen Studard joins us to talk all about skipping, its roots in our biology, history, and culture. Why is skipping associated with gay men and little girls who like to jump rope?

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FOF #1591 – Kristen Studard is an International Sex Symbol

Whoop whoop! The very funny Kristen Studard joins us today to talk about her fear of pot smoking, now that more Americans support the full legalization of marijuana than they do Marriage Equality.

Plus– Target’s gay t-shirts, Channing Tatum likes having Elton John’s hand up his butt, and what it’s like to be an international sex symbol.

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FOF #1556 – The Truth is Just a Little Something You Sometimes Have to Lie About

Comedian Kristen Studard, who just won Chicago’s Biggest Liar contest, joins us to talk about why honest people are regularly accused of lying.

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FOF #1509 – I’m Coming Out

Since so much media attention is lavished on obscure entertainers coming out, we’re inviting our friend, comedian Kristen Studard to come out on today’s show. But what is she coming out as?

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FOF #1299 – WikiLeaks Everywhere

The internet is hard to control. Trying to censor something on the net usually backfires and draws more attention to it than it would have ever have gotten in the first place- case in point: photos of Barbara Streisand’s mansion, or Wikileaks.

Today the hilarious Kristen Studard joins us to take a closer look at how CNN is turning into Perez Hilton with its odd coverage of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Plus, all the hot news.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s Funeral

Nothing like a little necromancy straight out of the Necronomicon to bring the spirit of a dead diva back to life.

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FOF #1273 – It Gets Better, Broadway Style

The response to the “It Gets Better” campaign is overwhelming! Even musicians are giving their support in song and the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus and the stars of Broadway have both created songs to inspire LGBT youth.

Today comedian Kristen Studard joins us to discuss the musical versions of “It Gets Better” and the celebrity breakdowns that are happening because of this incredible awareness campaign.

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FOF #1270 – Being Lady Gaga

We’re thrilled to announce that Chicago comedian Kristen Studard, winner of the “Impress these Apes” comedy competition will portray Lady Gaga in all her zombified glory for the Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl.

Today Kristen joins us to talk about being tortured as a teen while working in a suburban haunted house and of course getting ready for the role of a lifetime, playing Lady Gaga.

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