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Mid-Break Call in Show

We’re having a mid-break call-in show to talk about a Chicago salon that’s featured on Bravo’s Salon Takeover. Highlights of the Salon Takeover will include a drag queen makeover of Drag Super Villain Lady Vera […]

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FOF #1044 – Teri Yaki’s Tangy Taste

Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki returns to follow up on the Lady Vera Parker story, the unhappy birthday party and shares her own experience of being behind bars.

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FOF #1023 – Who’s the Craziest Queen of Them All?

Writer director Tony Lewis and drag queen Omicah from the musical show “Snow White and the Seven Drag Queens” return to Chicago, remenisce on real-life evil drag queens.

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FOF #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

Teri Yaki explains to the best of his knowledge the sordid details of Lady Vera Parker the Chicago drag queen who was arrested for check fraud and stealing a U-Haul truck from Kentucky. Why is Michael Jackson’s death hitting the public especially hard and Sarah Palin’s abrupt resignation leaves the country befuddled.

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