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FOF #2662 – The Queen of Nice is Now the Queen of Camp

Kindness is in short supplies these days, so it’s great to see Chicago’s Queen of Nice, Alexis, snatch the coveted crown on Camp Wannakiki. Today Alexis P Bevels, the winner of Camp Wannakiki joins us to take a look at her time at the drag internment camp and what it takes to go all way!

VIDEO: Big Waves Take Down Runners and Cyclists Along Lake Michigan

We usually don’t get very big waves on this side of Lake Michigan, but when we do, this spot along the lakeshore can get troublesome. Watch as bicyclists and runners try their best against Mother Nature.

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Headline, Brief and Comment

Headline: Report of body in lake spurs search Brief: Promoted by a report of a drowned person, a difficult search was conducted by police and fire dive teams but no body was found in Lake […]

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