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FOF #2928 – Rachel Hall Needs a Hug

As the pandemic enters its second year, we’re reminded how vital our relationships with each other are and how much we miss human physical contact.

Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, but don’t breathe on them if you can!

Today comedian Rachel Hall, host of the Hood Novel Book Club podcast joins us to take a look at the struggle people are going through not having hugs during the Covid Pandemic, and all the new TV shows folks are watching, including the Bridgerton and the just announced Harry Potter series.

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FOF #1876 – Dick in a Toaster

In the U.K. where they have Universal Health Care, these type of embarrassing incidents have cost taxpayers over half a million dollars since the book was released. Will Republicans try to use the 50 Shades of Grey Effect to argue against health care reform? Dicks in toasters people, that’s where this debate is going.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at why so many people are shoving their naughty bits into vacuum cleaners and toasters, and stuff we have stuck ourselves into or up our butts.

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VIDEO: Dolly Parton on Tolerance and Acceptance

This is my favorite living person.  I adore her, so anything I write about her will be biased.  Therefore, judge for yourself.  LOVE HER!

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VIDEO: Larry King Live Features LGBT Power Team on Bullying

Larry King recently featured a “Power Team” of LGBT celebrities and allies of the LGBT community to discuss bullying of LGBT children and the effects of the government, media and organized religion on LGBT youth. […]

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Larry King Channels Lady Gaga to Sing Poker Face With Ryan Seacrest

Lady Gaga watch out! Larry King has your number.

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Bill Maher Called It, Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman is Gay

Watch out conservatives! “The gays” are lurking in your midst! Nearly four years after Bill Maher went on Larry King Live and broke the news, Ken Mehlman, former RNC  chair and former Bush Campaign Chief, […]

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FOF #1093 – Less Than Zero

Voting begins today in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards! Feast of Fun is thrilled to be nominated for two prizes this year, Best GLBT podcast and the top category of People’s Choice. Please vote once every day until November 30.

Victoria Lamarr joins us to wiegh in on the news: Carrie Prejean meltdown, Lou Dobbs quits CNN, Levi Johnston’s chilly photoshoot, Susan Powter’s crazy blog and Google to support full resolution high definition videos.

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