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FOF #2555 – Exploring a Cosmic Sexual Connection

We may be more connected than ever in this digital age, but folks are still searching for deeper connections beyond the casual hook up.

For people like sex educator Barbara Carrellas, this presents an exciting new opportunity to look to the ancient art of Tantra once again and re-release her iconic book – Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century.

FOF #1489 – Laugh It Off

Rapper T.I. is under fire for saying in an interview that gay people are “too sensitive” and “not American” in a response to the outrage over Tracy Morgans anti-gay jokes. How can you be the butt of other people’s jokes and enjoy laughing at yourself without becoming a doormat for haters?

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Larry La Fountain Loves to Laugh

Writer Larry La Fountain shows us his new book “Blue Fingernails” and loves to laugh! Click here to listen to the entire podcast interview. Camera & editing by the wonderful Jason Smith. Be sure to […]

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