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FOF #1372 – The Kooky World of Lauren Maul

Comedian Lauren Maul, our favorite gal behind the felt puppet shows in Chicago’s hit comedy group, The Best Church of God, joins us to take a look at some of the reactions to Osama Bin Laden’s death.

Which celebrity seemed to know about the take down before the President? The biggest mindfucks, Fox news’ big fail and what exactly did they do with Bin Laden’s body, since no one wanted it?

FOF #1168 – Women of the Bible

Just because the Good Book isn’t so good to women doesn’t stop us from having a good time. Today we’re taking a look at the women of the Bible with drag queen pie expert, Bertha Mason and Cindy Sunday from the hilarious Best Church of God.

Listen as Bertha and Cindy talk with us about the multitude of hot religious beliefs that surround us all, robot babies and how Michael found a sexy good time on a chat line. Plus: ruby slippers, prison rape, loneliness and a Chinese grandma goes back to primary school.

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