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Gaga Threatens Her First Lawsuit.

Our little Gaga is growing up so fast.  Apparently those fools selling breast milk ice cream in London are calling the ice cream “Baby Gaga,” and the waitresses selling it are dressed up as Lady […]

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FOF #1251 – Lady Gaga Yard Sale

Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of our yard sale- the cute Mexican kids we dressed up in drag, our kooky neighbors and the hot guys who sifted through our stuff.

Also on today’s show- Ian Benardo, the eccentric former contestant on American Idol who famously sang “Gloria” out of tune, is suing Idol for $100 million.

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Facebook CEO Gets Superpoked: May Lose 84% Share of Company

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has accomplished a lot in less than ten years. Not only has he revolutionalized the concept of what a ‘social network’ is, but he’s also created one of the most visited […]

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