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FOF #1193 – Deven Green Had Me at Hello

With the success of her parody videos on 80s soap opera stars and her recent re-dubbing of Lionel Ritchie’s ridiculous video “Hello,” Deven Green practically owns the word “Hello” on the internet.

Today Deven Green and her hunky husband Joel Bryant join us today to give us a sneak peek at their upcoming projects which include a cooking reality TV show , a vampire/zombie web series and a song written on the ukulele just for us.

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FOF #1154 – Oscarcast 2010

It’s another year at the gay Superbowl- the Oscars! Listen as Curtis Jensen, the gay Roger Ebert joins us to look at this year’s winners, all the hot gay moments, and celebrity trainwrecks that made the Oscars a roller coaster of crazy.

Women dominated this year’s ceremonies as they swept the awards for best director, best picture, best actress and best supporting actress! Plus- Ben Stiller as a Na’vi, Farrah Fawcett snub, and Oprah goes gay for Gabourney.

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Photos: “Let’s Take Pleasure Back” Live Podcast Forum, Nov. 11, 2009

Photos from “Let’s Take Pleasure Back” – a live podcast forum with Project CRYSP and at the Center on Halsted, November 11, 2009.

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Special Edition FOF: Taking Pleasure Back

When talking about sex and gay men, the fear of danger, diseases and risk usually become the focus. Why does it have to be this way? Why not talk about the fantastic sex we do have? After all, being gay is not just good, it’s fabulous.

Join us live from the Center on Halsted with a panel of experts as we explore desire and ways we can be intimate, sensual and loving with each other.

Video Clips from “Generation You” – a Live Podcast Forum

Last night your pals (that’s us) & joined forces to create a live podcast community forum at the Center on Halsted: “Generation You, Bridging the Gap” May 20, 2009. Video produced by Jason […]

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FOF #959 – How Are You Fabulous?

How are you healthy? How are you fabulous? Gay men’s health blogger and advocate Jim Pickett is on today’s show. Jim’s reaching out to the fellas everywhere to write about ways they stay healthy. For […]

FOF #956 – Stretching Your Gay Travel Dollar

Think you don’t have the money to go on vacation this summer? Think again. Fare wars have driven airline tickets to a record low, as most major airlines are slashing prices to hopefully stimulate the […]

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FOF #919 – Canary in the Coal Mine of Crazy

Change is on the way! Obama’s health care leadership dramatically departs from the Bush days of dogma and ideology and moves forward into science-based decision making. Today we have Jim Pickett, AIDS activist and cheeky […]

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FOF #884 – Tunnel of Love

A healthy booty is a happy one! The butt is the final frontier, not just for food leaving the body, but it’s also a psychological, sexual place wherein lies desire and identity. In many ways, […]

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FOF #869 – Gay is Good

What are some of the big issues facing gay men’s health? On today’s show we’ve got the fabulous Jim Pickett- director of Advocacy for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and blogger for Lifelube, the gay […]

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