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FOF #1948 – Giving Up Your Cherry for Lent

I’m not sure why anyone gives up anything for any religious reason, but if your religious is that precious, why give up the butt for Lent?

Today the hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about how he’s giving up skydiving and using condoms for Lent.

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FOF #1871 – Will You Die for Madonna’s Art Revolution?

Ever since Madonna became a household name, the pop star has wanted to become embraced as a serious actor and filmmaker. But hilariously, her ego always becomes the star of the movie.

Today Nadya Ginsburg, the woman of a 1,000 voices, talks about Madonna’s new film secretprojectrevolution where we get to see Madonna play her favorite bondage roles, while shooting her amazing back-up dancers in the head- a mercy killing.

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FOF #1461 – The War Against Testosterone

One of the biggest misunderstanding when it comes to health and gender is the role hormones play in our bodies.

Too often bad behavior is blamed on testosterone, when in reality the human body is a very complex system and lack of testosterone can be detrimental to our health.

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FOF #1360 – Betty White vs. Lindsay Lohan, Everyone Wins

Recently Betty White spoke about the latest meltdowns of Hollywood brats Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen: “I cannot stand people who get wonderful starts in show business- and who abuse it.”

Lindsay’s fought back through Twitter, this could turn out to be be a diva death match!

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FOF #1225 – Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Bon Voyage Bertha! Our friend Michael Bowen best known as Drag Queen and Pie expert Bertha Mason, is moving to the Big Apple to bake tasty pies with hot toppings!

Joins us as Bertha tells us how to make the perfect pie and what he’s going to do about her long term sexual relationship pretending to be a coach and why so many women loving women love vegan desserts.

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