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FOF #1558 – Small Things Considered

One of the hottest sought after guests we’ve ever had on the show is actor, director and composer Josh Walker. Even years later, listeners still write to us dying to get to know him better.

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VIDEO: Zombie Michael Jackson, Gay Little People Sex, Hitler

This is a trailer for Return of Moon Walker… I sure it is real. It almost shows how my mind works. Only a little less twisted

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La Pequeña is Back!

I just love the hot tranny of the moment on YouTube, chilean little in size but not in fabulousness, La Pequeña! Joy of joy’s she’s back with a new video impersonating Chilean actress Marisela Santibañez, […]

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FOF #703 – Little Big Gay Podcast

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day week and we’re celebrating it with some of the cutest, sexiest men you could easily fall head over heels for in a second. On today’s show we’re […]

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