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FOF #2753 – Dumpster Diving

It’s kind of an awesome when a major celebrity like Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross comes out and lets everyone know in a roundabout way that her husband has been munching at her back door. a

Today comedian Matt Brown joins talk about the pleasures and perils of putting your mouth where the sun don’t shine.

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FOF #2218 – Matteo Lane Gets a Merit Badge in Comedy

We’re thrilled to see our friend comedian Matteo Lane all over the TV set, from his appearances on Comedy Central and MTV, Matteo is making a big splash on the little screen.

Today, Matteo joins us to talk about Kim Davis, the Republican Presidential debates and Ahmed the little clock builder from Texas.

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VIDEO: Liza Minnelli ”Balls to You!”

Jimminy Christmas, this is luxurious! Balls to you!

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VIDEO: Telephone Starring Christine Pedi as Liza Minnelli and Carol Channing

Christine Pedi  stars as Liza Minnelli and Carol Channing in a parody of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone”.

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