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FOFA #2227 – More Than Just a Gigolo

I love that Lady Gaga is singing “Just a Gigolo” in Vegas, a tune that will forever be associated with Sin City. Louis Prima made that song what it is today and it was his anthem in Vegas for years. ❤️

Listen as we take a look at the incredibly resilient song “Just a Gigolo” as it evolved from an Austrian tango to the megahit by David Lee Roth and beyond.

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FOF #2227 – More Than Just a Gigolo

Today we salute all the hard working men and women of the world’s oldest profession, by taking a look at the song “Just a Gigolo” as it evolved through the past nine decades.

Listen as we take you on a musical journey as we look at how a good song from 1928 got transformed time and time again through the decades.

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