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FOF #2716 – Drag Queens are a Riot

What’s fun about watching drag queens on reality TV shows and on the internet is how we struggle when it comes to comedy. Camp is an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because it’s bad, and when your favorite queen bombs on stage, it’s still funny as hell.

Today, comedian and improv teacher Meg Grunewald joins us to take a look at the unique demands drag queens have for comedy and how they transform failure into something she-larious.

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FOF #2516 – Right In Front of My Salad?

Ever since folks started posting content on the Internet, there have been people pretending to be someone they are not- con artists, catfishers and even digital blackface has made the Internet a terrible place.

Don’t worry, no one is coming for your NeNe Leakes GIFs quite yet but on today’s show comedian Colette Gregory joins us to take a look at racism and comedy on the Internet.

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FOF #2146 – The Secret Life of Dicks

When nobody’s looking, and sometimes even when they are, guys do a lot of stuff with their dicks that you might not know about.

Today we take a look at listicles about testicles— oddball blog entries dedicated to dongs. Joining us is the only guest we’ve ever had who has the word “dong” in his twitter handle, Brian Sweeney.

Listen as we talk about strange objects guys stick it in, blowing your own horn and Chicago’s very own Auntie Angel’s legendary grapefruit technique

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Happy Birthday Lucy!

Lucy would have been 100 years old today! Happy Birthday you fabulous redhead.

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VIDEO: Lucille Ball as Undercover Detective in Film with Boris Karloff

In the film, Lured, Lucille Ball plays an American showgirl on the skids in London who helps the police search for a serial killer who is hunting girls from the personal columns. This is not […]

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FOF #1219 – I Love Carole Cook

Actress Carole Cook comedic skills impressed that Lucille Ball so much that she took her under her wing. It was the start of a lifelong friendship and working relationship between the two, with Carole appearing in many of Lucielle Ball’s TV shows including The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy.

Today we talk to the legendary Carole Cook about her work and friendships with many of comedy’s leading ladies and her behind the scenes appearances in such cult films as Sixteen Candles and TV dramas like Dynasty.

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Lucille Ball Auction Creates Legal Action

Lucille Balls’ daughter, Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, is going to court to stop her stepfather’s widow from selling some of Lucy’s personal items. Up in debate are some love letters that Lucy wrote to her second […]

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