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FOF #2366 – Absolutely Fashionable

Much like Edina & Patsy in the new Absolutely Fabulous movie, we are drowning in fashion as the men’s apparel show hits Chicago this week.

Today, we take a look at the new Ab Fab movie and give you a cheat sheet for the many celebrity cameos some Americans might not get.

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FOF #2199 – Lucy Stoole is Our Number Two Favorite Drag Queen

When it comes to being a fierce bearded queen, Lucy Stoole is the SHIT. Exploding on the Chicago scene, Lucy entertains the crap out of her audiences with fierce looks that you can’t just can’t flush down the toilet.

Listen as Lucy Stool joins us to talk about her bearded drag and behind the scenes at her recent show in Chicago with Alaska Thunderfuck.

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FOF #2104 – Lucy Stoole and the Tootise Roll King

Since RuPaul’s Drag Race Season seven is running on drag time, the children are THIRSTY. So today, we’re giving you a big gulp of drag with bearded beauty Lucy Stoole.

Join us as we talk about the death of Melvin J Gordon, the Tootsie Roll King who for 70 years ran the iconic candy company. Maybe in heaven Melvin will finally find out how many licks does it take to get to the center of his tootsie roll pop.

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FOF #2086 – Diary of a Bearded Drag Queen

For being such an experimental art form, audiences sometimes get very critical of drag queens who defy expectations of what they perceive as feminine. It’s not always easy being a nonconformist in a world of gender non-conformers.

Joining us today is the fabulous Lucy Stoole, a bearded fishy genderfuck queen best known for her over-the-top performances at music venues in Chicago. Lucy’s specialty is hosting drag nights that feature punk bands and underground performers.

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