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VIDEO: Lourdes Off to High School, Students React

It seems like just yesterday Madonna gave birth to baby Lola. Now she’s off for her first day at high school.

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VIDEO: Gagalupe

La Coacha does a parody of Lady Gaga.

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Xtina Cancels Summer Tour

First Lady Gaga made the unpopular venue change here in Chicago last year. Now Christina Aguilera has followed suit and canceled her entire tour. Her handlers are technically using the words “postpone,” as she is […]

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FOF #1196 – Land of the Lost

That’s all folks! Last night, ABC aired the final episode of LOST, the popular series about the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island inhabited by polar bears, smoke monsters and hot guys who couldn’t seem to die.

Today we’re joined by Marcus Leshock and Anna Roberts of the “Last Minute Lost Podcast” – a podcast entirely dedicated to the hit TV show to try to make sense of the final episode and discuss the sex appeal of the actors and the religious themes buried deep in the plot.

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IMAGE: Madonna’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

So what that Madonna retouches her photos? Everyone does it. Get over it. Still, it’s fun to compare the “before and after” in the same image. It reminds me of Frankengay. — From Giopet’s Graphic […]

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Glee’s Madonna

Sue Sylvester does “Vogue.”

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VIDEO: The Worm – Episode 10 – Tenthopping

The Worm Returns! And it’s not as gross as the previous ones! Cher, Madonna and Britney, all played by Nadya Ginsburg, head to downtown LA to go ‘Tent Hopping’- In a video by Austin Young. […]

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FOFA #1058 – The Mind of Madonna

We had a blast talking all things Madonna with Melissa in September 2009 that we thought might enjoy hearing it again. Singer Melissa Young joins us to take a look at the Madonna the entertainer, the woman and the iconoclast. A touching and colorful promise to a dead solider and hot celebrity news.

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FOF #1134 – Suit Fetish

Everybody likes a well dressed man or woman, it seems Tiger Woods loves both. Playboy model Loredana Jolie revealed that Tiger isn’t “normal” because he likes having sex for hours & loves to see guys and gals go gay while he wears a suit.

Plus, Kirstie Allie’s new twitter flame war, Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, the Chinese government drafts a law to jail people who eat dogs and cats, Robotic Groundhog Day and thousands of queer folks in Australia to pose nude for photographer Spencer Tunicks.

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Madonna is a Grizzled Old Pop Star and Jesus Has a Shrivelled Dick

Disclaimer:  I love Madonna, I’m a fan, I respect her as a business woman and cultural provacatuer, I enjoy her music.  That said… OMG!  This photo of Madonna with her fresh out of the pool […]

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