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FOF #2119 – Peaches Christ’s Oscar Picks for 2015

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and many folks will place their bets on who will snatch the coveted Oscars. We really have no idea who will win, but thankfully Peaches Christ has seen all the films at least twice, and is really really good at picking a winner.

Today, the glorious Peaches Christ, almighty saint of Hollywood camp and drag queens joins us to take a look at this year’s films likely to win an Oscar.

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VIDEO: Latrice and Manila – The Chop

Latrice Royale and Manilla Luzon have teamed up their drag queen superpowers to release a new single “The Chop.” Notice when they say “get back on that HORSE” they cut away to Alexis Matteo! Oh the shade of it all!

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FOF #1670 – The Sudden Death of Sahara Davenport

It’s always a sad day when a young talented queen sashays away forever, but know that Sahara Davenport will always chanté and stay in our hearts.

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Drag Queen Sahara Davenport Dies, Age 27

It’s always a sad day whenever a talented, young drag queen dies. We just got the sad news that Antoine Ashley, best known for his drag persona Sahara Davenport died on Oct 1st. He’s survived […]

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FOF #1623 – You Can’t Go Wrong with Manila Luzon

One of the most celebrated drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race is Manila Luzon who dazzles with her colorful themed outfits, inspired by Big Bird, taxi cabs and even Ronald McDonald.

Today Manila Luzon talks about the insane things she had to do to get on RuPaul’s Drag Race, all the conspiracies and how she keeps getting bugged by queens to digitally retouch their photos.

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Manila Luzon wearing the Rainbow Obama T-Shirt

The fabulousManila Luzon wearing the Obama Rainbow T-Shirt! There are only a few left in many sizes, so don’t wait! Order yours now:

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Manilla Luzon’s lipstick stain

After taping our show with Manila Luzon (coming on Tuesday) Marc found this fabulous lipstick stain on our cup in the kitchen. Oooh la la!

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FOF #1605 – There’s Always Room for Jiggly Caliente

Drag queen Jiggly Caliente turns up the heat in our home studio and serves up some behind the scenes realness on all her friends from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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VIDEO: Manila Luzon Does it for the Children

Manila Luzon has a new video “Hot Couture” featuring a dazzling array of costumes and wigs, including a delicious dessert table dress. You might enjoy watching the drag queens as they bitterly eat cake off […]

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