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FOF #2688 – Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

There’s something hilarious about turning those precious christmas carols into rotten songs all kids will love. Today our pal Manny Petty joins us for a live music session where we harmonize some hilariously rotten christmas song parodies.

Listen as we take a look at the classic Batman Smells parody of Jingle Bells that traces its origins to the 1960s, Spanish pooping nativity statues and Manny’s teenage obsession with mayonnaise.

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FOF #2074A – Till Death Do Us Part

Trump says our marriage is a done deal and Deven Green says its her favorite appearance on the podcast, so here it is- our wedding ceremony, officiated by Deven Green with special musical appearances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

Listen as we take you on a journey of our relationship, our ups and downs and we truly get legally married forever and ever.

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FOF #2132 – Remarkably Romantic

Feeling guilty about that hook-up because what you really want is a husband? Well, now you don’t have to. A new study reveals that human beings are remarkably romantic and almost a third of long-term, committed relationships start off as a one night stand.

Joining us today is our friend, musician Manny Capozzi, to chat about one night stands leading to love, Christian glory holes, and getting paid to strangle someone

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FOF #2074 – Till Death Do Us Part

For many gay folks, being able to legally marry the one you love has been nothing short of a fantasy. But thanks to decades of hard work, people in most states in the country are now able to legally tie the knot.

On today’s show, wedding bells are a ringing, and guess who is getting married? We are! Officiated by Deven Green with special musical apperances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

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FOF #1784 – Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi’s Sexy Beards

A new study finds that how long your facial hair is can influence how attractive you are to others and that ten days growth is seen as the hottest. Do you agree?

Today the fabulously bearded Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi join us for a live music session.

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FOF #1683 – Hot to Cheat on Your Man and Get Away WIth It

Whether you suspect your partner is cheating, or you’re trying to not get caught picking somebody elses pumpkin, chances are, someday, the chickens will come home to roost.

Today the hilarious Manny Capozzi joins us to take a look at the common practice of cheating, why so many people do it and how to save your relationship if you or your loved one finds yourself looking for a little action.

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FOF #1627 – The Burning Embers of Fire Island

Do gay beach vacation spots have the same allure they once had now that sex is so easy to get on your mobile device?

Comic musician Manny Capozzi joins us to share with us some of his new hilarious parody songs and to take a look at the changing face of gay retreats.

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FOF #1586 – Feed, Love, Play

When you fall in love and move in together, most couples tend to put on a couple of pounds.

Join us for a live music session with the bearlicious Manny Capozzi whose song “Let’s Get Fat Together” examines why couples who fall in love get a little chubby. Listen as Manny’s piano playing pal Kyle Greer accompanies him on the hilarious songs “Glory Hole” and “Rahm Emmanuel.”

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