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FOF #702 – The 702 Club

It’s hard to believe that we are into our fourth year of podcasting! With so many shows under our belt we decided to assemble a clip show to commemorate the good times. Welcome to the […]

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FOF #701 – Gay Sexy Fun

Advances in gay rights have brought forth a glorious new world of opportunities and healthy relationships for people everywhere. But with advances in acceptance and in medicine come new risks and responsibilities. Many sexually transmitted […]

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FOF #700 – A Friend in Need

What is life like for gay teens in America today? Although we’ve made incredible gains in the past decade in bringing about social gains, political and religious acceptance still drag far behind. Ten years ago […]

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FOF #699 – Love Potion Sorceress

Valentine’s Day has come a little early this year. My good friend Solitaire has stopped by today to announce the winner’s of our Valentine’s Day Massacre Photo Contest she was running on her Deviant art […]

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FOF #698 – Overcoming Blushing

Dutch psychologists are now offering a course in overcoming blushing. Personally, I like it when someone blushes a little, it reveals a sensitive side that I might like to get to know a little better. […]

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FOF #690 – Shirley Phelps: An Unlikely Champion

Shirley Phelps’ God is angry at you. Why? Because you are gay or you accept gay people. Shirley Phelps is the spokesperson, matriarch and part-time lawyer for the controversial Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka, […]

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FOF #644 – Lettuce Entertain You

Get your salad fork ready because New York City’s finest drag queen comedian, Hedda Lettuce is here! The obscene green queen who makes Halloween seem serene joins us on today’s show. Hedda was forged in […]

FOF #642 – Tricks and Treats

Boy did we have a great time at Chicago’s Lakeview Halloween Parade! The streets were filled with hundreds of hunky, freaky, brassy and sassy folks who strutted their stuff. Marc and I were joined by […]

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FOF #546 – Prison Hilton

Oh happy day! Paris Hilton is in prison, and now the world is again safe. If we could now catch Osama Bin Laden, it would be a good week. We’re not sure if Paris Hilton […]

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FOF #473 – Coconuts

Ronnie discovered this unique store in Chicago named Jazze Junque that sells vintage cookie jars and salt & pepper shakers. Naturally, we just HAD to pull her cookie jar out of lay-away and give it to her as a birthday present.

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