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Michele Bachmann Sucks at Losing

If you’re going to run a disasterous campaign, you might as well go for broke.  Placing 5th in the Iowa Caucus,  the Cosco of Crazy, couldn’t even come in dead last.  Thankfully, for us there’s […]

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VIDEO: Gay Man Goes Undercover to Expose Gay Reparative Therapy at Bachman Clinic

An undercover investigation by “Truth Wins Out” catches the Bachman & Associates Clinic on hidden camera using reparative therapy to pray the gay away.

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Investigative Report into Marcus Bachman’s Gay Reparative Clinic

Reporter John M. Becker went undercover to Marcus Bachaman’s clinic to undergo gay reparative therapy over the course of eight days. Marcus Bachman is the husband of presidential hopeful Michele Bachman and their clinic receives […]

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FOF #1408 – Is Michele Bachman Hiding Her Husband in the Closet?

Michele Bachman can’t tell the difference between actor John Wayne and serial killer John Wayne Gacy, but the scary kooky lady from Minnesota is a front runner in this year’s Republican Presidential primaries mostly because of the conservative leanings of three of the most important early states. Meanwhile, her husband Marcus Bachman is lighting up the Internet as everyone’s calling him a closet queen!

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