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VIDEO: Captain Cameltoe Needs to Rescue Herself From Her Own Song

Margaret Cho’s song and new music video, “Captain Cameltoe” is terribly disappointing. The art for video, while esthetically pleasing is not at all dynamic. It’s a cartoon, why does it feel so stiff? The song […]

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FOF #1297 – Teri Yaki’s Got Talent

Our drag queen gal pal Teri Yaki wasinvited to audition for the reality TV show America’s Got Talent based on her performance from our live podcast at Steamworks. Like most gay divas, it looks like she’ll get her big break from performing in a gay men’s bathhouse.

On today’s show the wacky and tacky Teri Taki joins us to talk about her Christmas wish, her drag audition and the new Civil Unions in Illinois.

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Margaret Cho Talks Abstinence, Marriage to a Man and Dancing With the Stars

Zack Rosen, of The New Gay, was lucky enough to get 10 minutes to hear Margaret Cho’s opinions on sex, queer activism, Sarah Palin and everything in between. Check it out!

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VIDEO: Margaret Cho Makes Dancing with the Stars Go Gay

To celebrate gay youth, last night comedian Margaret Cho brought a delicious gay sensibility with her samba dancing and rainbow colored dress to TV’s Dancing With The Stars. After dancing with partner Louis van Amstel […]

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VIDEO: Margaret Cho on Dancing with the Stars

I’m sure the gold cape that Margaret Cho uses to goes berserk on Dancing with the Stars is a hold over from her burlesque days. Bristol Palin also performed last night to the tune of […]

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San Francisco by Jill Sobule

Musician Jill Sobule created this delicious music video featuring a lot of San Francisco treats, including La Monistat who we interviewed on today’s show, and her biological female look-alike, comedian Margaret Cho.

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