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FOF #1474 – Glitterbomb at the Disco

One of our most highly anticipated shows of the year is our trends and predictions show we tape with Marsian DeLellis, an LA based puppet artist who says he’s “a crazy hall of mirrors on which society can see itself.”

Today Marsian joins us to see which predictions came true, plus glitter-bombs are all the rage!

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Good Morning Baltimore!

So I’m performing in Baltimore this weekend at the Transmodern Festival presenting on Object Fetishes at the Maryland Institute of the Arts and performing Fudgie’s Death at the 14Karat Cabaret. I was even quoted in […]

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Nina Flowers at Spin

We had a blast meeting Nina Flowers at Spin last Friday. She looked like a cross between a wild elf and a Christmas tree. We really wondered how that head piece stayed on her head […]

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FOF #1128 – The Bride of Wildenstein’s Predictions for 2010

Rawr! Our friend Marisan DeLellis talks about his new one-person musical “The Bride of Wildenstein” on Jocelyn Wildenstein, the eccentric New York City socialite who surgically transformed herself into the bizarre looking Cat Lady.

Plus we all share our predictions for the coming year: which celebrities will die in 2010? Gagaholism, Peacocking, Weird Mashups, Life Swapping, DIY Healthcare and Susan Boiling.

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FOFA #460 – Future Imperfect

Marsian De Lellis is in many ways in touch with something magical. We’re just not sure what that is, but in all his outlandish talk about full-body botoxes and Whole Foods Express at the airports, […]

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