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FOF #2166 – Sexy Science

We love to talk about scientific studies that examine gay men, but we seldom if ever get a chance to actually talk the people who do the research.

Well, today that’s changing with our guest, Teddy Semon, a human sexuality researcher at Northwestern University, who tries to figure out what turns men on by hooking their dicks up to a machine which records how aroused they are by erotic stimulus, like porn.

FOF #1754 – Macho Macho Man

Most gay men who’ve ever gone on a dating site or hook-up ap are sooner or later asked by someone “are you masculine?” For some guys it’s a befuddling question because their not quite sure how to answer it.

Today, we’re talking about masculinity and why it seems to matter a lot to people looking for love or sex. And could your quest for the masculine ideal be blocking you from finding true happiness?

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